Most organizations already have existing systems for doing some of their modeling analysis, systems that have been around for some time, been validated and proven reliable and are not about to be given up for the latest "hot technology."  Model Engineer can interface the new models you build with those legacy systems (mainframe, UNIX systems or even spreadsheets) to ease the transition to a modern, object-oriented environment. 

With this distributed (networked) linking capability, you can incorporate existing applications (Fortran, COBOL, C, etc.), Excel spreadsheets or other systems into your model to perform cross-discipline optimization studies looking at parameters such as true life-cycle costs for critical, up-front decisions that in the past were locked-in well before cost and reliability were analyzed.

And while you will now find yourself performing analyses in days or weeks that used to take weeks, months or even years, this increased speed is only part of the payoff.  Finding solutions based on "the big picture" as opposed to the narrow set of constraints most people deal with can lead to exciting new options for designs and ultimately even more cost savings.  Having a global view of the problem changes everything!

In addition to our software, Modelogics offers three types of services to help you develop your competitive advantage through state-of-the-art modeling: training, consulting and technical support.


Modelogics' provides a full suite of on-site or off-site training courses designed to facilitate the smooth introduction of Model Engineer into your organization; from a one-day manager's introduction to full week courses on how to develop your own specialized components.  Nothing is more important to the successful launch of a new process or tool than thorough, up-front training.



Modelogics provides a range of consulting services to clients designed to assure a smooth implementation of Model Engineer.  This can range from on-site availability of Modelogics' personnel for ad hoc assistance to turn-key development of objects, models and/or applications for use by your organization.  We can put resources on your problem, freeing you from the long-term commitment of hiring more personnel.  Call us to discuss your specific needs and get a custom quote.



Modelogics provides two levels of technical support for Model Engineer: 1) free access to our Web site containing a technical support news-group (Q&A online) with help provided on an "as available" basis and 2) fee-based support via Internet or telephone tied to a specific license with guaranteed response time.  The latter is only available to users who have been through training.  It is designed for those who need a high degree of certainty that should they run into trouble while using Model Engineer, they can get help fast.